Glass Packaging Forum

The Glass Packaging Forum scheme collects levies from companies that make or import, fill or sell glass containers in New Zealand. The levies fund projects and research about glass recycling and reuse.

About the scheme

The scheme is funded by members of the Glass Packaging Forum Incorporated. Members pay levies and must meet the requirements of the Forum's constitution.

The levies raised are used to fund projects, research, infrastructure and educational programmes that encourage the recycling and re-use of glass.

The scheme also supports and promotes efficient use of glass in packaging.

Accredited: 3 May 2010 for 7 years.

Products covered

  Scheme scope

Scheme manager

Glass packaging

New Zealand-wide.


Covers glass bottles and glass containers used for packaging.


The scheme does not include local government, recycling operators and community recycling networks which do not pay a levy to the scheme and fund glass collection and recycling through their own management systems.

The Glass Packaging Forum.

The scheme’s progress

The scheme covers approximately 80 per cent of businesses that manufacture or use glass packaging in New Zealand.

The scheme provides annual data on the mass balance of glass used, recovered and recycled in New Zealand as a percentage of estimated glass consumption.

The scheme provides funding for innovative projects that develop alternative uses for local waste glass and provide infrastructure to aid the collection of colour-separated glass. Examples of these projects can be found on the scheme’s website.

Of the 165,178 tonnes of glass recycled between 2011 and 2012, 7,403 tonnes was due to projects or funding from the scheme.

Find out more

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