Fonterra Milk for Schools Recycling Programme

The Fonterra Milk for Schools Recycling Programme covers the collection of end-of-life packaging generated through the delivery of the Fonterra Milk for Schools Programme.

Accredited: 23 October 2013 for 7 years

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Fonterra Milk For Schools ultra-high-temperature milk cartons (including the straw and straw wrapper) that are consumed in participating primary schools and any production packaging waste produced in relation to Fonterra Milk for Schools product.

New Zealand-wide.


The Fonterra Milk for Schools Programme provides a free serving of milk every school day, free lease of a Fonterra fridge to chill the milk, a free recycling kit consisting of recycling bins and bags, free collection and recycling of all Fonterra Milk for Schools milk cartons, and detailed communication and ‘onboarding’ visits from Fonterra team members.


When the children have consumed their milk, they fold the milk carton and place it in the 80 litre recycling bin. Schools are encouraged to fold empty milk packs to the preferred standard outlined in the quick guides provided to the school by Fonterra. The preferred standard optimises the number of milk cartons that fit in the recycling bin and therefore minimises the number of bin collections required.


Recyclables are collected from schools by Fonterra franchisees, for transport to one of three Fonterra recycling centres in Auckland, Palmerston North or Christchurch.


Recyclables collected through the scheme are baled and transported overseas to Thailand and Malaysia where they are broken down into components (paper, aluminium foil and plastic) and recycled into roof tiles, books and paper.

Fonterra Group Limited

The scheme’s progress

The Fonterra Milk for Schools Recycling Programme is in its first year of accreditation. We look forward to sharing details of the schemes progress after we receive its first annual monitoring report in October 2014.

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