This page provides information on Envirocon, an accredited product stewardship scheme, which diverts waste concrete from landfills. 

About the scheme

Accredited: 1 October 2015 for 7 years

The Envirocon product stewardship scheme diverts waste concrete from landfill and upcycles it into precast concrete products for the Interbloc Modular Wall System.

The scheme is funded by members who pay an annual membership fee as per their membership agreement. Current members of the scheme are Allied Concrete, Holcim Concrete and Stevenson Concrete, Interbloc and the CCANZ.

In 2016, Envirocon was recognised for excellence in the sustainability category of Auckland University of Technology’s Business School Excellence in Business Support Awards.

Products covered

Scheme scope

Scheme manager

Wet waste ready-mix concrete of all grades produced by scheme members. Non-scheme members’ waste concrete may be taken on a case-by-case basis.

The scheme currently operates in Auckland.


Bright Technologies Ltd

The scheme’s progress

The scheme is in its first year of accreditation. We will share details of the scheme’s progress after we receive the first annual monitoring report in 2016.

Find out more

 For more information on the scheme see the Envirocon website.