Agrecovery rural recycling programme

This page has information on Agrecovery, an accredited product stewardship scheme, which recycles agricultural plastics and chemicals.

About the scheme

The scheme was accredited on 23 September 2010 for 7 years.

Agrecovery is a nationwide rural recycling programme for the safe disposal of unwanted agrichemicals, and the recycling of empty containers, drums and intermediate bulk containers. Companies pay a levy to the Agrecovery Foundation to have their agricultural plastics and chemicals recycled. 

Companies that are not part of the scheme can also have containers and chemicals recycled if the end-user pays. The end-user needs to buy user-pay stickers online from the Agrecovery website and take containers to a collection site. Collection takes place when enough unwanted chemicals and containers have been registered for collection in a given region.

See the Agrecovery website for collection locations.

Products covered

Participating brands

Scheme Manager
Clean, uncontaminated agrichemicals and agricultural plastic containers

Brands participating in the container recycling programme [Agrecovery website]

3R Group Ltd 
Clean, uncontaminated agricultural drums/ IBCs (intermediate bulk containers)


Brands participating in the drum recycling programme [Agrecovery website]

Products that are currently out of scope are polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) and other farm plastic waste.

The scheme’s progress

Since the scheme began in 2007, Agrecovery has helped farmers recycle over 1.5 million kilograms of plastic products and over 99,000 kilograms of chemicals. Participation in the programme has grown steadily and there are now over 60 brands taking part in the scheme.

In the 2015-16 financial year the scheme recovered over 236,000 kilograms of plastic. This figure is seven times greater than the amount collected in the scheme’s first year of operation. Around 2300 drums were recycled in 2015.

There are 70 container collection sites operating throughout the country. Events-based collections are offered for areas not covered by the fixed site networks.

Find out more

See the Agrecovery scheme [Agrecovery website] for more information including instructions on how to prepare material for recycling, book chemical disposal, and collection dates.