Agrecovery rural recycling programme

Agrecovery is a nationwide rural recycling programme for agricultural plastics and chemicals. The scheme is managed by the Agrecovery Foundation.

About the scheme

Brand participants to Agrecovery pay a levy which covers the recycling costs for their branded products. 
Non-member brand owner containers and chemicals can be recycled if the end-user pays. User pay stickers can be purchased online from the Agrecovery website. End-users take containers to a collection site. 

Seventy permanent collection sites are in place for the agrichemical containers.

Collection events are arranged when enough unwanted chemicals have been registered as ready for collection in a given region.

Accredited: 23 September 2010 for 7 years.

Products covered

 Scheme scope

Scheme manager

Agrichemicals and agricultural plastic containers.

New Zealand-wide.


Any brand accepted.


Agrichemicals (including animal health remedies and dairy hygiene products)


agrichemical containers (HDPE plastic)


Target chemicals include POPs (persistent organic pollutants) as defined in the Stockholm Convention, except for those which are primarily fire retardants or products containing those chemicals.


Currently out of scope:

  • polychlorinated biphenyls
  • other farm plastic waste.

3R Group Ltd.

The scheme’s progress

Agrecovery collected and safely disposed of 11,623 kg of waste agrichemicals and recycled 157,390 kg of plastic agrichemical containers in the year ended 30 June 2012.

This amount represents a 23 per cent increase in chemicals and 30 per cent increase in container plastic collected compared to the previous 12 months.

The five-year operating milestone for agrichemical brand owner membership was met, with 59 members.

Some 28 per cent of plastic containers put into the market by the member companies was collected, well on the way to a target of 60 per cent.

The nationwide network of 73 collection sites is continually upgraded to improve access for programme users, and bookings for 2012/13 chemical collection events suggest continual improvement is likely to be documented in the next annual report.

Find out more

More information about the Agrecovery scheme [Agrecovery website], including instructions on how to prepare material for recycling, book chemical disposal, and collection dates.