Kimberly Clark NZ’s Envirocomp Product Stewardship Scheme for Sanitary Hygiene Products

This page has information on the former product stewardship scheme — Sanitary hygiene products.

About the scheme

Accredited: 8 August 2013 for 7 years.

Envirocomp provided a user-pays service to domestic users and commercial businesses and composted sanitary hygiene products along with green waste through its in-vessel Hot Rot composting systems. This product stewardship scheme has ceased operation. Sanitary hygiene products are currently being sent to landfill while new recycling infrastructure is developed. It is estimated that used nappies will be able to be recycled again in early 2018.

Products covered

Scheme scope

Scheme manager

All brands of nappies, feminine hygiene products and adult incontinence products.

Canterbury and Wellington


The scheme’s scope included the wood pulp, organic content and green waste which was processed into compost.


The schemes scope did not include the plastic component of absorbent hygiene products or the end use of the product.


The scheme produced compost which complied with the New Zealand Standard for Composts, Soil Conditioners and Mulches (NZS 4454:2005). The scope of the accredited scheme did not include the use of this compost.


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