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About the 2014 consultation on priority waste streams for product stewardship intervention

This page has information on the consultation.

In 2014 the public was asked if the Government should intervene to improve the management of the following four product waste streams:

  • electronic and electrical equipment 
  • tyres 
  • agrichemicals and farm plastics 
  • refrigerants and other synthetic greenhouse gases.

The public was also asked whether:

  • the four product waste streams were the right waste streams for potential government intervention
  • any of the four products should be declared priority products under the Waste Minimisation Act, which would require a product stewardship scheme to be developed. 

The public consultation was held during the months of May to July 2014 with workshops around the country. 

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The feedback from the consultation has informed policy development, in particular the harm reduction objective in the New Zealand Waste Strategy.

In October 2015, the Government targeted funding from the Waste Minimisation Fund at projects addressing the harm caused by end-of-life tyres.

Previous consultation

The public was also asked for feedback in 2009 on identifying products that are priorities for product stewardship as part of a wider consultation on policy proposals.

See Waste minimisation in New Zealand: A discussion document from the Ministry for the Environment