Council plans and where to find them

This page explains what council plans are, the different types of council plans and how to find council plans.

What are council plans?

The Resource Management Act 1991 says that councils have to prepare plans to help them manage the environment in their area. These plans tell you what you can or cannot do as of right.

There are several different types of plans.

  • Regional policy statements set the basic direction for environmental management in the region.
  • Regional plans concentrate on practical parts of the environment like the coast, soil, river or air. Regional plans include a regional coastal plan.
  • District plans concern the use and development of land (including contaminated land). District plans set out the objectives, policies and rules a council will use to manage the use of the land in its area.

How to find council plans

Contact your council to view their plans. See the Local Government New Zealand website for maps, links to council websites, and contact details of regional, district and city councils.