Objections to decisions or charges

This page reports on applicants' objections to decisions or charges on resource consents. 

RMA requirements

Under the RMA an applicant has the ability to make an objection under section 357 relating to a local authority's decision not to grant a resource consent or to return an application as incomplete. Applicants can object to a local authority's charges and the recovery of costs under 357B.


  • 278 objections were made under sections 357 to 357B of the RMA.
  • One objection was made in relation to an application determined as incomplete under section 88(3) of the RMA.
  • Of the 84 resource consents that were declined, six objections were made to local authorities.
  • The number of objections has decreased from the RMA Survey of Local Authorities for 2010/11 and 2012/13, where 480 and 317 objections were made respectively.

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See the Act

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