Policy statement and plan reviews

This page reports on reviews of plans and policy statements started, underway or completed in 2014/15. 

RMA requirements

Section 79 requires local authorities to keep plans and policy statements up to date. Every provision must be reviewed at least once every 10 years. This may be in the form of a full review or a rolling review. A full review requires all provisions to be reviewed at the same time. A rolling review allows local authorities to review sections of the document as necessary. Provision for rolling reviews was introduced as part of amendments to section 79(1) in 2009.


  • 36 local authorities started, had underway or completed one or more full reviews.
  • 47 full reviews were started, were underway or completed (see Table 1).

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Table 1: Number of full reviews started, underway or completed, by plan type

Document type

Number of full reviews

Regional policy statement


Regional plan


District plan


Combined planning documents


All planning documents


Source: National Monitoring System 2014/15

Note: Combined planning documents include: combined regional policy statement and regional plan(s); combined regional plan(s) and district plan(s); combined regional policy statement, regional plan(s) and district plan(s).

Limitations and local authority practices

  • One local authority did not provide data on full plan reviews.
  • Due to the differing nature of previous survey data, no meaningful comparisons between current and previous data can be made.

See the Act

For more information on the RMA related to this page see the following section of the Act on the New Zealand Legislation website.

Section 79 of the RMA