National instruments driving plan-making processes

This page reports on the national instruments driving plan-making processes. 

RMA requirements

Local authorities may need to change their plans and policy statements to make sure they are consistent with and/or give effect to national instruments (such as national environmental standards and national policy statements).


  • 9 per cent of all plan-making processes were identified as being driven by the need to be consistent with or give effect to national instruments.
  • The following national instruments were the most frequently cited drivers of plan-making processes:
    • New Zealand Coastal Policy Statement – 18 per cent
    • National Policy Statement for Freshwater Management – 17 per cent
    • National Policy Statement for Electricity Transmission – 15 per cent.

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Download the complete dataset for plan-making [Excel, 545 KB].

Limitations and local authority practices

  • An individual plan-making process may relate to more than one national instrument.
  • Due to the differing nature of previous survey data, no meaningful comparisons between current and previous data can be made.
  • One local authority did not provide data on the preparation of policy statements and plans, changes and variations.