Resourcing for monitoring, compliance and enforcement

This page reports on local authorities’ resourcing for carrying out monitoring, compliance and enforcement activities under the RMA. 

RMA requirements

All local authorities have a monitoring function under the RMA with specific responsibilities prescribed in section 35. These responsibilities include plan efficiency and effectiveness monitoring, state of the environment monitoring, and monitoring of resource consents. The monitoring of resource consents overlaps with a local authority’s compliance and enforcement functions.

The capacity of local authorities to fulfil their monitoring and enforcement responsibilities may influence how effective they are in ensuring activities comply with the RMA, relevant plan provisions and resource consent conditions.


  • 374 full-time equivalents were employed by local authorities to undertake monitoring, compliance and/or enforcement activities.
  • One unitary authority and nine territorial authorities had no full-time equivalents employed to undertake monitoring, compliance and/or enforcement activities.

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See the Act

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Section 35 of the RMA