Resource consent monitoring

This page reports on resource consent monitoring.  

RMA requirements

Under the RMA a local authority must monitor compliance with resource consent conditions, and their impact on the environment. If a local authority has granted a resource consent that is subject to conditions, then the local authority monitors the activity to ensure that it complies with the relevant conditions.


  • Local authorities stated that 97,210 resource consents required monitoring:
    • 58,449 resource consents were monitored (60 per cent)
    • 12,088 resource consents were determined to be non-compliant.

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Download the complete dataset for complaints, monitoring, compliance and enforcement [Excel, 733 KB]. 

Limitations and local authority practices

  • Few local authorities had a database for recording information.
  • Local authorities did not define the term ‘monitoring event’ consistently.
  • Some local authorities did not correctly identify and record some resource consents as requiring monitoring but subsequently monitored these. Therefore, the number of consents that individual local authorities recorded as monitored may exceed the number recorded as requiring monitoring.
  • A number of local authorities provided a response of 'Data Not Available'.

See the Act

For more information on the RMA related to this page see the following section of the Act on the New Zealand Legislation website.

Section 35 of the RMA