Enforcement actions taken by local authorities

This page reports on enforcement actions taken by local authorities under the RMA. 

RMA requirements

To encourage compliance and penalise offences, the RMA provides local authorities with a range of enforcement mechanisms intended to be tailored to the severity and nature of the offence.

The key enforcement mechanisms available to local authorities are:

  • infringement notices
  • abatement notices
  • enforcement orders
  • prosecution.


  • 26 local authorities intended to prosecute (13 territorial authorities, 10 regional councils, three unitary authorities).
  • 81 prosecutions were initiated.
  • 14 local authorities did not undertake any formal enforcement action (excluding prosecutions).
  • Abatement notices were the most commonly used enforcement tool.

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Download the complete dataset for complaints, monitoring, compliance and enforcement [Excel, 733 KB]. 

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