Further resource management reforms

The next phase of the RMA reforms will make further improvements to the RMA, and resource management more broadly, including how fresh water is managed and used and an independent review of sections 6 and 7 of the Resource Management Act 1991.

Key elements of the proposals

Key elements of the proposals include:

  • clearer national direction and tools
  • single, local resource management plans that address future environmental and development priorities and cover all local, regional and national issues; replacing the range of planning documents we have today
  • simpler, faster and fewer resource consents
  • Māori interests and values to be considered earlier in resource management planning processes with solutions developed upfront
  • comprehensive management of natural hazards in planning and consenting
  • housing affordability addressed through explicit attention being paid to this issue in plans and changes to consenting arrangements to drive down their cost and improve their timeliness.

The Government released a discussion document in February 2013 setting out further proposals on improving New Zealand's resource management system: Improving our Resource Management System.

During consultation more than 2000 people attended over 50 meetings including hui and dedicated council meetings.

More than 13,000 submissions were received on the discussion document. The below document summarises the submissions received and list of submitters:

The below document provides a summary of the resource management reform 2013 proposals:

Next steps

There will be further opportunity for public input to proposed reforms during the select committee process. 

Find out more

Research has been undertaken to inform the direction of future resource management.

Documents on the following topics are available:

  • Review of sections 6 and 7 of the Resource Management Act 1991
  • Building Competitive Cities: Reform of the urban and infrastructure planning system
  • Urban and infrastructure Technical Advisory Group Reports
  • Cabinet papers (pre-2012)

Last updated: 24 September 2013