National instruments driving plan-making processes

This page reports on the national instruments driving plan-making processes.  

RMA requirements

Local authorities may need to change their plans and policy statements to make sure they are consistent with and/or give effect to national instruments (such as national environmental standards and national policy statements).

Plan-making processes and national direction instruments





Of processes to make or change plans, the percentage that were for delivering national direction set in national policy statements or national environmental standards

9% 23% 33%
The main national instruments that triggered these processes, by percentage  

New Zealand Coastal Policy Statement

38% 41% 42%

National Policy Statement on Freshwater Management

36% 39% 35%

National Policy Statement on Electricity Transmission

34% 16% 8%

National Policy Statement on Renewable Electricity Generation

29% 23% 15%

*These percentages were previously reported as the percentage of all plan-making processes. They have been revised to reflect the percentage of plan-making processes incorporating national direction that involve each instrument. The highest three percentages for each year are shown.