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Appendix G: Unproductive land use descriptions from LINZ DCDB

Parcels within these descriptions were excluded from the land parcel analysis

Acquired for conservation purposes

Acquired for the generation of electricity

Aerodrome reserve

Automatic telephone exchange

Better utilisation

Buildings of general government (staff housing)

Buscot Pest Destruction Board

Camping reserve

Camping site

Catchment Commission buildings


Cemetery (closed)

Closed road

Composite school

Conservation purposes

County depot

Crown land

Crown land reserved from sale (marginal strip)

Declared Crown land

Declared government road and stopped

Declared to be held for conservation purposes

Declaring disposition exempt from Sec 24 Conservation Act

Defence purposes

Development of water power

Education purposes

Education purposes (playing fields)

Electricity generation

Electricity generation purposes

Electricity purposes

Electricity works

Fire break

Fire station


Forestry purposes

Functioning indirectly of a road

General education

Generation of electricity

Government purpose reserve (wetland management)

Government purpose reserve (wildlife management)

Government purposes

Gravel pit

Gravel reserve

Headworks site

Held for conservation purposes

Historic reserve

Huxley State Forest

Irrigation purposes (Racemans Cottage)

Irrigation race

Kurow Cemetery reserve

Kurow Pest Destruction Board buildings

Land set apart for water power development

Land taken

Leasehold estate acquired for generation of electricity

Leasehold estate acquired for generation of electricity and declared Crown land

Leasehold estate surrendered

Leasehold estate surrendered and acquired for generation of electricity

Local purpose reserve (cemetery)

Local purpose reserve (community buildings)

Local purpose reserve (esplanade)

Local purpose reserve (fire station)

Local purpose reserve (fishing settlement)

Local purpose reserve (passive recreation)

Local purpose reserve (recreation)

Local purpose reserve (road)

Local purpose reserve (rubbish utility)

Maori reservation (marae and meeting place)

Metal storage

Mount Cook National Park

Municipal reserve

Museum site

National park

Oamaru Borough water race

Oamaru Borough water supply

Oamaru Hospital endowment

Otago University endowment

Paddock for rabbit inspector


Plantation purposes

Plantation reserve

Police purposes

Police reserve

Police station

Post Office purposes

Primary school

Private burial ground

Protective works

Public hall site

Public recreation ground

Public school site

Quarry reserve

Rabbit Board buildings

Racecourse and recreation

Rangers residence


Recreation purposes

Recreation reserve

Reserve (riverbank)

Reserve classified as a local purpose (transfer station) reserve

Reserve for general education

Reserve for local purposes

Reserve for tree planting purposes

Reserve for war memorial and community centre

River bank protection reserve

River conservation

Road reserve

Road stopped and declared Crown land

Road stopped and set apart for the generation of electricity

Road stopped

Scenic reserve

School site

Scientific and industrial research purposes

Scientific reserve

Set apart for defence purposes

Set apart for electricity generation and declared Crown land

Set apart for railway purposes


Sewage treatment works

Soil conservation and river control purposes

Soil conservation reserve

State forest

State primary school

Steward settlement water race

Stopped road

Stopped road amalgamated

Subject to the provision of esplanade strips

Subject to the provision of marginal strips

Teachers residence

Tekapo domain

Telephone exchange

Temple State Forest

Transmission of electricity (staff housing)

University of Otago endowment

Use, convenience and enjoyment of a road

Vesting on deposit for local purpose reserve

Water easement acquired over part

Water power development

Water race

Water reserve

Water supply purposes

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