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Flow Guidelines for Instream Values

May 1998, Ref. ME270 (Volume A) ME271 (Volume B)

These guidelines provide a consistent approach to setting minimum flows and other flow requirements in rivers. Volume A covers the principles of hydrology and hydraulics, discusses various instream values, and sets out by the process by which flow requirements are determined and given practical effect. Volume B provides technical and background information.



Volume A



Executive summary

Part 1: Hydrology and hydraulics

Part 2: Instream values

Part 3: Planning

Part 4: Flow regime requirements for instream values

Volume B

  1. Hydrology
  2. River hydraulics and morphology
  3. Biological communities of rivers
  4. Hydrological effects of change in flow regime
  5. The hydraulic and morphological effects of change in flow regime
  6. The ecological effects of changes of flow
  7. Technical assessment methods for biological values
  8. Technical assessment methods for recreational values
  9. How changes to flow regimes affect recreational values
  10. How changes to flow regimes affect landscape values
  11. How changes to flow regimes affect Māori values
  12. Dissolved oxygen modelling
  13. Regional IFIM approach
  14. Use of riparian management as a remedying measure
  15. Habitat case study: remediation and mitigation



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