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Waste publications

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General publications

Name Date Reference
Review of the effectiveness of the waste disposal levy, 2014 July 2014 ME 1159
Priority waste streams for product stewardship intervention: A discussion document May 2014 ME 1152
Willingness to pay for six end-of-life products May 2014 CR 188
Waste Minimisation Fund: Guide for applicants March 2014 ME 1146
Solid waste disposal – Indicator update
October 2012 INFO 654
Public Awareness of the Waste Minimisation Act and Waste Disposal Levy – UMR Research Ltd July 2011 CR 116
Waste Minimisation Act implementation: evaluation of stakeholder perceptions – Judy Oakden/Kinnect Group July 2011 CR 115
Solid Waste Disposal, 2010: Environmental Snapshot July 2011 INFO 610
Consented Non-levied Cleanfills and Landfills in New Zealand: Project Report July 2011 ME 1061
Review of the effectiveness of the waste disposal levy, 2011 July 2011 ME 1058
Measuring the success of your product stewardship scheme March 2011 INFO 585
Waste Minimisation in New Zealand Discussion Document Summary of Submissions October 2010 ME 1028
Waste Disposal Levy Training for Waste Disposal Facility Operators: Training Workbook April 2010 ME 1011
Environmental report card: Solid Waste Composition July 2009 INFO 420
e-Waste Survey for eDay 2008 January 2009 CR 58
Solid Waste Audits for Ministry for the Environment Data Programme 2007/08 December 2008 CR56
Waste Policy Discussion: The Potential Unintended Consequences of a National Waste Levy November 2006 ME 780
Product Stewardship and Water Efficiency Labelling: New Tools to Reduce Waste - Summary of Submissions August 2006 ME769
A Literature Review on the Environmental and Health Impacts of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment June 2006 CR 9
Product stewardship case study - cell phones May 2006 CR 5
Product stewardship study - Whiteware Sector May 2006 CR 4
Product stewardship case study for end-of-life tyres May 2006 CR 3
Study of the New Zealand Product Stewardship Scheme for Agrichemical Containers May 2006 CR 2
Product stewardship study: Unused/Unwanted Paint and Paint Packaging in New Zealand May 2006 CR 1
Intractable Agricultural Chemicals in New Zealand February 2006 ME717
Greening the Screen November 2005 ME696
Product Stewardship and Water Efficiency Labelling July 2005 ME609
Options for Kerbside Collection of Household Organic Wastes May 2005 ME599
New Zealand Packaging Accord 2004 July 2004 ME541

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Name Date Reference
New Zealand Waste Strategy: Reducing Harm, Improving Efficiency October 2010 ME 1027
Targets in the New Zealand Waste Strategy 2006: Review of Progress March 2007 ME802
Review of Targets in the New Zealand Waste Strategy February 2004 ME501

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Best practice guides and guidelines

Name Date Reference
Waste levy spending: Guidelines for territorial authorities October 2013 ME 1129
Managing waste that may contain brominated flame retardants October 2013 INFO 696

Online TV Information System: User Guide for Site Operators

March 2013
(updated May 2013)

ME 1115
Online Waste Levy System: User Guide for Waste Disposal Facility Operators
July 2011 ME 1063
Waste management and minimisation – a good practice guide for territorial authorities October 2010 INFO 554
Waste Minimisation Fund: Project Planning Guide for Projects Commencing 1 July 2010 May 2010 ME 1015
Waste Assessment Checklist: for territorial authorities completing a waste assessment before reviewing their waste management and minimisation plans March 2010 INFO 481
Supplementary Guidance to Disposal Facility Operators: Diverted Tonnage and Cover Material March 2010 INFO 478
Guidance to Completing the Application Form for Accreditation of a Product Stewardship Scheme December 2009 ME 972
Assessors’ Specification Guidelines for Accreditation of a Product Stewardship Scheme December 2009 ME 971
A Guide to Product Stewardship for Non-priority Products in the Waste Minimisation Act 2008 October 2009 ME954
Calculation and Payment of the Waste Disposal Levy: Guidance for Waste Disposal Facility Operators June 2009 (updated May 2010) ME939
Waste Management and Minimisation Planning: Guidance for Territorial Authorities May 2009 ME 935
Guidance Principles: Best Practice for Recycling and Waste Management Contracts: Working Draft July 2007 ME826
A Guide to Sustainable Office Fit-outs December 2005 ME703
Module 2 - Hazardous Waste Guidelines: Landfill Waste Acceptance Criteria and Landfill Classification May 2004 ME510
Landfill Full Cost Accounting Guide for New Zealand March 2004 ME505
A Guide to Implementing Recycling Systems in Multi-Tenanted Office Buildings January 2004 ME498
Sustainable Wastewater Management: A handbook for smaller communities and summary brochure June 2003


The Wastewater Monitoring Guidelines October 2002 ME641
Module 1 - Hazardous Waste Guidelines: Identification and record-keeping

June 2002

Solid Waste Analysis Protocol and Summary Procedures March 2002 ME430
A Guide to the Management of Cleanfills January 2002 ME418
A Guide to the Management of Closing and Closed Landfills in New Zealand May 2001 ME390
Guide to Landfill Consent Conditions May 2001 ME389
Guidelines for the Management and Handling of Used Oil December 2000 ME355

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Technical reports

Name Date Reference
Mercury inventory in New Zealand: 2012 March 2014 CR 183
Brominated flame retardant research: Cost-benefit analysis of sorting options for e-waste plastics October 2013 CR 155
Brominated flame retardant research: A pilot study of e-waste plastic sorting in New Zealand October 2013 CR 154
Waste Facilities Survey - Methodology and Summary of Results July 2010 CR 94
Mercury Inventory for New Zealand 2008 August 2009 CR 76
Life Cycle Assessment of Product Stewardship Options for Mercury-Containing Lamps in New Zealand: Final Report June 2009 CR 75
New Zealand Lighting Industry Product Stewardship Scheme:
Phase 1 Assessment and Review
January 2008
CR 74
The 2006/07 National Landfill Census October 2007 ME842
Recycling: Cost Benefit Analysis April 2007 CR 14
Electrical and Electronic Equipment Disposal Survey April 2006: A Quantitative Report April 2006 ME764
Electrical and Electronic Equipment Survey January 2006: A Quantitative Report January 2006 ME765
Enforcement Action under the Resource Management Act 1991 to Deal with Unauthorised Storage, Dumping and Disposal of End-of-Life Tyres July 2004 ME535
End-of-Life Tyre Management: Storage Options July 2004 TR138
Management of End-Of-Life Tyres January 2004 TR136
Waste Acceptance Criteria for Class A Landfills - Final Report September 2003 TR131
The 2002 Landfill Review and Audit March 2003 ME466
Small Landfill Closure Criteria – Risk Assessment for Small Closed Landfills December 2002 TR124
Basis for Landfill Classification System - Final Report November 2001 TR113
Confirmed indicators for solid waste, hazardous waste and contaminated sites September 2000 ME344
Assessment of the effects of combustion and waste, oil and health effects associated with the use of waste oil as a dust suppressant August 2000 TR97
The 1998/99 National Landfill Census Report April 2000


National Waste Data Report May 1997 ME243
Cleaner Production at Work: Case Studies from NZ Industry August 1993 ME117
Recycling: A Case Study May 1993 ME110

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Past consultation documents

Name Date Reference
Waste Minimisation in New Zealand - A Discussion Document from the Ministry for the Environment March 2009 ME924
Managing Hazardous Waste: A Discussion Paper November 1998 ME297

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