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National guidelines for managing the effects of radio frequency transmitters

December 2000, Ref. ME377

These guidelines are based on scientific findings from the past 50 years of research and recent Environment Court case law. They should be read in conjunction with the National Environmental Standard (NES) for telecommunications facilities and the existing New Zealand Standard (NZS2772.1:1999 Radio-frequency Fields Part 1: Maximum Exposure Levels 3kHz-300GHz).



Executive summary

  1. Introduction
  2. Radio frequency fields and technology
  3. Health effects and exposure standards
  4. Policy exposures to radio frequency fields
  5. Guidance on environmental effects
  6. Guidance for territorial authorities
  7. Guidance for the telecommunications industry
  8. Guidance for the community
  9. Glossary
  10. References

Appendix A: Power lines: differences between fields from power lines and radio transmitters

Appendix B: Health effects: areas of disagreement

Appendix C: Health effects: summary of ongoing work

Appendix D: IEEE/ANSI, ICNIRP, USSR and New Zealand exposure standards

Appendix E: Health effects: potentially vulnerable populations

Appendix F: Summary of key Environment Court cases

Appendix G: Bridging different views of risk and communicating information

Appendix H: Further information

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