A guide to section 32 of the Resource Management Act

Publication date: 
December 2014
Publication reference number: 
ME 1167

The Resource Management Amendment Act 2013 introduced new requirements under section 32. This guide explains these new requirements and will help practitioners and decision-makers undertake good practice section 32 evaluations. 

The guide focuses on local authority plans and policies, including regional policy statements, plans, and plan changes. It covers proposals on any RMA planning issue and of any scale or significance.

This final guide was developed following consultation on an interim guide, including seeking input from two focus groups. The Ministry has also run training workshops on section 32 during 2014 which complement the material in the guide. These were delivered in partnership with the New Zealand Planning Institute and the Resource Management Law Association. The Auckland workshop was recorded and the webinar along with papers and speaking notes can be viewed at the following link:

Section 32 of the RMA workshop