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Report of the Royal Commission on Genetic Modification


Contents (PDF 38 KB)

Patere (PDF 19 KB)

Letter of transmittal (PDF 35 KB)

Executive Summary (PDF 25 KB)

1. Introduction (PDF 40 KB)

2. A shared framework of values (PDF 69 KB)

3. Cultural, ethical and spiritual issues (PDF 123 KB)

4. Environmental and health issues (PDF 114 KB)

5. Economic and strategic issues (PDF 97 KB)

6. Research (PDF 174 KB)

7. Crops and other field uses (PDF 141 KB)

8. Food (PDF 171 KB)

9. Medicine (PDF 113 KB)

10. Intellectual property (PDF 106 KB)

11. Te Tiriti o Waitangi (PDF 343 KB)

12. Liability issues (PDF 76 KB)

13. Major conclusion: preserving opportunities (PDF 67 KB)

14. The biotechnology century: three major proposals (PDF 53 KB)

15. Recommendations (PDF 43 KB)


Genetic modification: an overview for non-scientists (PDF 25 KB)

Terms of reference (the Warrant in English)

Terms of reference (the Warrant in Maori)

Treaty of Waitangi (PDF 34 KB)

Notes for readers (PDF 31 KB)

Reference notes (PDF 98 KB)

Glossary of Maori terms (PDF 31 KB)

Glossary of abbreviations (PDF 32 KB)

Glossary of technical terms (PDF 92 KB)

Index (PDF 89 KB)


Appendix 1

Appendix 2

Appendix 3


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