Various briefings

Date published

Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Response Date

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Departmental / Ministerial




Details of the Request

Thu, 29 Mar: 18-B-04447 Climate Change Commission - Options for Consultation
Thu, 29 Mar: 18-B-04454 Aide Memoire: Joint Ministers meeting on 4 April on climate change and the built/urban environment.
Thu, 29 Mar: 18-B-04442 Emissions budgets in the Zero Carbon Bill - Issues for Discussion Document.
Thu, 29 Mar: 18-B-04425 Climate Change Ministers' Meeting - agenda and supporting information.
Thu, 5 Apr: 18-B-04450 Interim Climate Change Committee - Letters of appointment for members
Fri, 6 Apr: 18-B-04476 First draft Cabinet ENV paper: The overarching vision for the climate change agenda and key upcoming domestic policy decisions.