About free trade agreements and the environment

This page provides information about free trade agreements and the framework used to integrate environmental standards into free trade agreements.

New Zealand’s environment is affected not only by what we do within our borders but increasingly by what other countries do within and beyond their borders. New Zealand’s aim, both domestically and internationally, is to develop sound trade and environment policies that mutually support the goal of sustainable development.

Environment provisions in the context of free trade agreements are a part of New Zealand’s commitment to sustainable development and also provide a platform for international cooperation between trading partner countries. Much of the work under these agreements focuses on improving knowledge, strengthening environmental policies, and building capacity and capability to implement such measures.

Bilateral and regional free trade agreements

Bilateral and regional free trade agreements play an important role in international trade. New Zealand’s free trade agreements seek to maintain high standards for environmental protection, support and promote sustainable development and build capacity to more effectively address environmental issues.

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For information on New Zealand’s International Trade and Environment agreements or activities, please contact trade.environment@mfe.govt.nz.