This page outlines the regulation of fireworks in New Zealand. 

Regulation of the sale of fireworks to the public

The sale of fireworks to the public is regulated by the Hazardous Substances (Fireworks) Regulations 2001 which were amended in 2007 to help prevent fireworks being misused in New Zealand.

In 2004, the Minister for the Environment called for research into the sale of fireworks by retailers and for solutions that would prevent fireworks being misused. The investigation was because increasing numbers of people, animals and property were being harmed by fireworks.

The 2007 amendment to the regulations was a result of this investigation. The period of time retailers can sell fireworks to the public has been reduced to the four days prior to and including 5 November. The legal age of purchase has been raised to 18 years. The 2007 amendments have also decreased the explosive content of fireworks sold by retailers to reduce noise and the number of nuisances raised. The destructive use of sparklers in the form of a ‘sparkler bomb’ was addressed by preventing sparklers from being sold separately from assorted fireworks packs.

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