Reports: New Zealand's environmental reporting series

The Environmental Reporting Act 2015 requires us to publish one domain report every six months and a synthesis report on New Zealand's environment as a whole every three years.

This page provides links to these national reports.

2017 reporting – Fresh water

The latest national environmental reporting on our fresh water. It includes information about the state of our fresh water, the pressures on this state, and what that means for us and the environment.

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2016 reporting – Marine

The latest national environmental reporting on our marine environment. This includes an overview of the pressures it faces, how it is changing and the impacts on our biodiversity, economy and way of life.

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2015 reporting – Environment Aotearoa

This report provides an overall picture of our environment across the air, atmosphere and climate, fresh water, land, and marine domains including interactions between domains. Biodiversity is included as a cross-domain theme.

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2014 reporting – Air

This report presents the changes in our air quality over time, and the associated pressures and impacts. It helps us identify and understand air quality issues at the national level.

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Related information

Local government conducts environmental reporting at a local level. To find out more go to your regional/local council's website, see Council maps and websites [Local Government New Zealand website]