Open consultations

This section provides links to Ministry of Environment consultations that are currently under way.

This section has been developed to provide a straight-forward way of making submissions and encouraging discussion. Please select the consultation you are interested in from the list below and follow the instructions that are provided.

Topic Open from Closes onsort ascending
Proposed regulation of jettisoned material from space launch vehicles in New Zealand’s Exclusive Economic Zone

Space vehicle launches are a new activity in New Zealand and it is expected that they will deposit some material on the seabed in New Zealand’s Exclusive Economic Zone. The Government is considering how best to manage this new activity and is seeking feedback on its proposed regulation.

Consultations 29 August 2016 5.00 pm Friday 16 September 2016
Conservation and Environment Science Roadmap

The Government is seeking public input for the development of its proposed conservation and environment science roadmap. 

Consultations 15 July 2016 5.00 pm Wednesday 07 September 2016
Bridging the Gap: An accessible framework for using benefit cost analysis in environmental decision making

The Ministry for the Environment is holding a full one-day training workshop on the use of benefit-cost analysis in environmental management with a focus on freshwater. 

Consultations 06 July 2016 5.00 pm Wednesday 30 November 2016