Judging the Green Ribbon Awards

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This page provides information on the criteria used to judge Green Ribbon Award nominations.

Green Ribbon Award nominations are assessed by a panel of judges with relevant expertise and knowledge.

Judging criteria

Each nomination is assessed against the following criteria.

Significant environmental benefit

  • Does the nomination address an important environmental issue?
  • Does it make a significant contribution to improving the environment?
  • Is it self-sustaining or ongoing?
  • Does it address other social or economic needs beyond environmental quality?


Are the results tangible? Can we measure the project’s contribution to environmental quality? Is the measurement specific?


Does the project contribute new information on how to improve the environment? Is it a new concept or process? Is it a creative solution to a problem? Has it been successfully implemented before? Is it a good model for other efforts?

Awareness and education

Does the project raise awareness? Does it educate? Does the project reach a wide number of stakeholders? Does it involve a co-operative effort between multiple people, community groups, or organisations?

Extra mile

Does the project go beyond the usual call of duty, for example, beyond statutory requirements, corporate responsibilities, environmental reporting, or usual day-to-day business?

Find out more

If you have any questions about the Green Ribbon Awards please contact the Ministry for the Environment’s Green Ribbon Awards team at green.ribbon@mfe.govt.nz.

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