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Environmental Reporting Act 2015

This page provides information about the Environmental Reporting Act 2015. 

About the Act

The purpose of the Environmental Reporting Act 2015 is to require regular reports on New Zealand’s environment. The Act makes responsibilities for independent, fair and accurate environmental reporting explicit, and sets the broad framework for the scope of reporting and timing for reporting products.

Under the Act

  • The Government Statistician and the Secretary for the Environment have a joint responsibility for producing and publishing environmental reports independently from the Government of the day. 
  • The Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment may comment on environmental reports produced. 
  • Reports will be released on a three-year reporting cycle with one domain report every six months and a synthesis report on all five domains every three years. 
  • The environment is divided into five environmental domains for the purpose of reporting. The domains are air, atmosphere and climate, freshwater, land, and marine. 
  • Reports will include information on the pressures on the environment, the state of the environment including biodiversity and ecosystems and the impacts of changes in the state of the environment. 
  • Topics for reporting will be set in regulation on the joint recommendation of the Minister for the Environment and the Minister of Statistics after consultation.
  • Statistics to measure topics will be decided by the Government Statistician.

Regulations under this Act

Regulations will be developed under to set the topics that will be reported on when environmental reports are produced under the Act.

Before jointly recommending regulations, the Minister for the Environment and the Minister of Statistics must consult with:

  • the Government Statistician
  • the Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment
  • the public
  • iwi authorities and local authorities. 

Read the Act 

Full text of the Environmental Reporting Act 2015 [New Zealand Legislation website]