Summary of submissions on the proposed National Environmental Standard for Assessing and Managing Contaminants in Soil to Protect Human Health

This page provides background information on the National Environmental Standard for Assessing and Managing Contaminants in Soil to Protect Human Health. It has information on the submissions received on the standard when it was proposed in 2010.

Workshops held

Fourteen workshops on the proposed standard were held during March 2010 to inform people about the proposed standard, and to encourage and help people prepare submissions on the proposal. Around 460 people attended the workshops.

Submissions closed on 19 April 2010.

Summary of submissions received

The Minister received 106 submissions on the NES proposal. The majority of submissions were from local government (42) and industry (33).

The submissions were broken down into 10 categories as shown in figure 1. The number indicates the number of submissions received in that category.

Figure 1: Proportions of submissions, by category

Figure 1: Proportions of submissions, by category

The pie chart shows the number and proportion of submissions by submitter category.



Proportion of total submissions

Territorial local authority 28 26%
Industry 33 31%
Regional Council 11 10%
NGO 9 8%
Individual 8 8%
Public Health or DHB 6 6%
Central Government 3 3%
Consultancy 3 3%
Unitary Authority 3 3%
Iwi 2 2%
Totals 106 100%

The submissions were grouped into the following five categories according to their position on the proposal:

  1. Support – clear support was indicated for the proposed NES
  2. Conditional support – support was indicated for an NES, but more than minor changes to the proposal were requested
  3. Opposition – clear opposition to the proposed NES was stated
  4. Mixed – aspects of the proposed NES were supported, others were opposed
  5. Not stated – no clear statement of support or opposition was given, and this could not be determined from the content of the submission.

Figure 2 shows the breakdown of submissions by category of position.

Figure 2: Breakdown of submissions, by position

Figure 2: Breakdown of submissions, by position

The numbers in the chart indicate the number of submissions in that category.

The pie chart shows the number and proportion of submissions, by the position taken by the submitter.

  Number of submissions Proportion of total
Support 14 13%
Conditional Support 59 56%
Opposition 11 10%
Mixed 17 16%
Not stated 5 5%
Total 106 100%

Submissions received

Electronic copies of all submissions are available to download from the table below.

Table 1: Individual submissions on the proposed NES
Submission ID number Submitter Position
1 Auckland Regional Council Public Health Service [PDF, 315 KB] Support
2 David Renouf [PDF, 2.89 MB) Mixed
3 Taranaki Regional Council [PDF, 1 MB) Conditional Support
4 Otago Regional Council [PDF, 491 KB] Opposed
5 Shane Greene [PDF, 124 KB] Support
6 Public Health South [PDF, 803 KB] Support
7 Hawke's Bay Regional Council [PDF, 211 KB] Conditional Support
8 Waimakariri District Council [PDF, 83 KB] Conditional Support
9 Taranaki District Health Board [PDF, 1.69 MB) Conditional Support
10 Transpower New Zealand Ltd. [PDF, 116 KB] Conditional Support
11 Environment Bay of Plenty Regional Council [PDF, 194 KB] Conditional Support
12 Motor Trade Association Inc. [PDF, 97 KB] Conditional Support
13 Queenstown Lakes District Council [PDF, 123 KB] Mixed
14 Kevin Wood [PDF, 76 KB] Opposition
15 Franklin District Council [PDF, 96 KB] Conditional Support
16 The Waikato Contaminated Land Liaison Group c/- Environment Waikato [PDF, 135 KB] Conditional Support
17a Tauranga City Council [PDF, 61 KB] Conditional Support
17b Tauranga City Council [PDF, 143 KB]
18 Dunedin City Council [PDF, 1.36 MB) Conditional Support
19 PEPANZ [PDF, 232 KB] Conditional Support
20 Land Information New Zealand [PDF, 663 KB] Mixed
21 New Zealand Law Society [PDF, 98 KB] Conditional Support
22a Institute of Environmental Science & Research Limited [PDF, 127 KB] Opposition
22b Institute of Environmental Science & Research Limited [PDF, 50 KB]
23 Far North District Council [PDF, 1.67 MB) Conditional Support
24 Regional Public Health [PDF, 561 KB] Support
25 Golden Bay Cement (division of Fletcher Concrete Infrastructure Ltd) [PDF, 461 KB] Conditional Support
26 Cameron Gibson & Wells Ltd [PDF, 31 KB] Opposition
27 Winstone Aggregates (division of Fletcher Concrete Infrastructure Ltd.) [PDF, 78 KB] Mixed
28 Ministry of Health [PDF, 431 KB] Support
29 Robert Skinner [PDF, 43 KB] Support
30 Ngati Kahungunu Iwi Incorporated [PDF, 98 KB] Mixed
31 Watercare Services Limited [PDF, 27 KB] Support
32 Auckland City Council [PDF, 4.44 MB) Mixed
33 Northland Regional Council [PDF, 51 KB] Conditional Support
34 Wood Processors Association of New Zealand [PDF, 77 KB] Mixed
35 Environmental Protection Association Inc [PDF, 4.28 MB) Opposition
36 Clutha District Council [PDF, 401 KB] Conditional Support
37 Carter Holt Harvey [PDF, 135 KB] Conditional Support
38 Canterbury District Health Board, Community and Public Health, Healthy Physical Environments [PDF, 54 KB] Conditional Support
39 Waikato District Council [PDF, 1.12 MB) Conditional Support
40 Christchurch City Council [PDF, 146 KB] Conditional Support
41 Environment Waikato [PDF, 2.22 MB) Conditional Support
42 New Zealand Defence Force [PDF, 163 KB] Conditional Support
43 Whangarei District Council [PDF, 57 KB] Conditional Support
44 Marlborough District Council [PDF, 55 KB] Conditional Support
45a Frimley Estate [PDF, 115 KB] Opposition
45b Frimley Estate [PDF, 628 KB]
46 New Zealand Winegrowers [PDF, 50 KB] Not stated
47 McDonald's [PDF, 308 KB] Not stated
48 RJ Hill Laboratories [PDF, 165 KB] Opposition
49 Kapiti Coast District Council [PDF, 53 KB] Not stated
50 Wellington City Council [PDF, 88 KB] Support
51 IPENZ [PDF, 109 KB] Conditional Support
52 Auckland Regional Council [PDF, 813 KB] Opposition
53 Tainui Group Holdings Limited [PDF, 274 KB] Conditional Support
54 Ballance Agri-Nutrients Limited [PDF, 180 KB] Opposition
55a The New Zealand Fertiliser Manufacturers’ Research Association [PDF, 339 KB] Conditional Support
55b The New Zealand Fertiliser Manufacturers’ Research Association [PDF, 969 KB]
56a New Zealand Railways Corporation [PDF, 571 KB] Conditional Support
56b New Zealand Railways Corporation [PDF, 3 MB)
56c New Zealand Railways Corporation [PDF, 76 KB]
57 Babbage Consultants [PDF, 82 KB] Conditional Support
58 Resource Management Law Association [PDF, 697 KB] Support
59 Waikato-Tainui [PDF, 168 KB] Conditional Support
60 Lyttelton Port of Christchurch [PDF, 152 KB] Conditional Support
61 Oil Industry Environmental Working Group [PDF, 1.60 MB) Conditional Support
62 Richard and Barbara Whiteside [PDF, 25 KB] Conditional Support
63 WAIPAC [PDF, 351 KB] Conditional Support
64 Gore District Council [PDF, 469 KB] Mixed
65 Kaikoura District Council [PDF, 51 KB] Conditional Support
66 Rodney District Council [PDF, 13 KB] Conditional Support
67 Sue Bennett [PDF, 80 KB] Conditional Support
68 Hutt City Council [PDF, 141 KB] Conditional Support
69 Paul Lynch [PDF, 565 KB] Mixed
70 Newmont Waihi Gold [PDF, 451 KB] Support
71 Oceana Gold (New Zealand) Ltd [PDF, 39 KB] Not stated
72 Waitakere City Council [PDF, 102 KB] Conditional Support
73 Sally Gaw [PDF, 489 KB] Conditional Support
74 Metrowater [PDF, 82 KB] Conditional Support
75 Palmerston North City Council [PDF, 1.36 MB) Conditional Support
76 Solid Energy New Zealand Ltd [PDF, 1.43 MB) Not stated
77 Fonterra Co-operative Group Ltd [PDF, 754 KB] Support
78 Transpacific Industries Group (NZ) Limited [PDF, 77 KB] Support
79 Orica New Zealand Ltd [PDF, 254 KB] Conditional Support
80 Air New Zealand Ltd [PDF, 346 KB] Conditional Support
81 Environment Canterbury [PDF, 460 KB] Conditional Support
82 Horizons [PDF, 68 KB] Conditional Support
83 Local Government New Zealand [PDF, 265 KB] Mixed
84a Contaminated Land Management Sector Group, WasteMINZ [PDF, 147 KB] Conditional Support
84b Contaminated Land Management Sector Group, WasteMINZ [PDF, 224 KB]
85 South Waikato District Council [PDF, 1.71 MB) Opposition
86 Christchurch International Airport Ltd [PDF, 134 KB] Mixed
87 Cement and Concrete Association of New Zealand [PDF, 173 KB] Mixed
88 Southland District Council [PDF, 229 KB] Conditional Support
89 Hastings District Council [PDF, 96 KB] Conditional Support
90 Horticulture New Zealand [PDF, 416 KB] Support
91 Progressive Enterprises Ltd [PDF, 936 KB] Conditional Support
92 Holcim New Zealand [PDF, 39 KB] Mixed
93 Waikato District Health Board [PDF, 20 KB] Conditional Support
94 Gordon Jackman [PDF, 73 KB] Mixed
95 Davis Ogilvie & Partners [PDF, 22 KB] Support
96 Tasman District Council [PDF, 206 KB] Mixed
97 New Plymouth District Council [PDF, 2.46 MB) Conditional Support
98 Greater Wellington Regional Council [PDF, 4.29 MB) Conditional Support
99 Central Hawke's Bay District Council [PDF, 1.05 MB) Mixed
100 Envirowaste Services Ltd [PDF, 1.33 MB) Conditional Support
101 Western Bay of Plenty [PDF, 81 KB] Mixed
102 Hamilton City Council [PDF, 159 KB] Conditional Support
103 Sustainable Future Institute [PDF, 82 KB] Opposition
104 Gisborne District Council [PDF, 59 KB] Conditional Support
105 Rotorua District Council [PDF, 1.07 MB) Conditional Support
106 Southland Regional Council [PDF, 1.12 MB) Opposition