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The Govt3 programme

Under the motto 'walking the talk', the Ministry for the Environment led and managed the Govt3 programme from 2003 to 2009 for government agencies.

This programme aimed to change behaviour and practices within government agencies by increasing capability and knowledge, identifying best practice and promoting practical solutions and tools in four key topic areas:

  • recycling and waste management
  • buildings
  • transport
  • office consumables and equipment.

There were also two major cross-cutting themes: sustainable procurement and energy efficiency.

Govt3 agencies and industry worked together to reduce the environmental impacts of government operations within New Zealand, such as waste generation, energy consumption, transport, building and procurement.

How Govt3 worked

Govt3 was about practical action. It promoted a 'learning by sharing' approach where participating agencies learnt from each other's experiences. Govt3 ran regular network meetings and workshops, linked up people across agencies and sectors, and provided case studies and technical information.

At 1 December 2008, fifty-eight agencies (approximately 75,000 FTEs) had formally signed up as members of the Govt3 programme. The Govt3 programme also engaged in less formal partnerships with sustainability leaders in the wider public and private sectors.

To implement the Govt3 programme, the Ministry for the Environment worked in close collaboration with the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority, the Ministry of Transport, the New Zealand Transport Agency, the Ministry of Economic Development and other agencies, as appropriate.

Last updated: 1 July 2009