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What is currently being done to manage flood risk?

The information listed below represents some of the ongoing work related to flood risk management.

Local flood risk

Your local regional, city and district councils are responsible for managing flood risk in your area. If you would like to know more about how flood risk is managed in your area, then contact your council for further information. Information about what to do in a flood is available from the Civil Defence website, Get Ready, Get Thru.

More information is available about roles and responsibilities of individuals, district/city councils, regional councils and central government.

New Zealand Standard on Flood Risk Management

The New Zealand Standard “Managing Flood Risk - A Process Standard” was developed under the Standards Act 1988 and published in November 2008. The standard is a voluntary tool that provides a set of principles to help decision making and promote good practice in flood risk management.

The standard originates from the draft New Zealand Protocol on Managing Flood Risk published in 2006. The Protocol was developed by local government, with help from the Institute of Professional Engineers New Zealand and central government.

See Standards NZ for more information.


The Ministry’s Quality Planning website has a guidance note on Natural Hazards Management that includes information on managing flood hazards through RMA plans.

Last updated: 4 November 2013