Fuji Xerox Zero Landfill Scheme

This page provides information on the accredited Fuji Xerox Zero Landfill product stewardship scheme.

About the scheme

The Fuji Xerox Zero Landfill Scheme aims to divert 99.5 per cent of all returned Fuji Xerox branded equipment, consumables and associated packaging from landfill through either reuse or recycling.

Accredited: 17 March 2015 for 7 years

Products covered Scheme scope Scheme manager

The materials collected for reuse and/or recycling include:

  • Fuji Xerox branded equipment (printers, copiers, multifunctional devices and accessories)
  • consumables (toners, print cartridges, waste toner bottles, drums, rollers and fuser oil)
  • packaging associated with both equipment and consumables

New Zealand-wide.


Used equipment and consumables are collected from customers and returned to Fuji Xerox warehouses in Wellington, Christchurch and Auckland. An estimated 99.5 per cent of Fuji Xerox equipment is collected for reuse or recycling. Of this, over 80 per cent of equipment returns are through product trade-ins. This enables automatic collection of the used equipment by the scheme.


Once collected, equipment is assessed to determine whether it is fit for reuse or can be stripped for parts for reuse.


If not reused, the equipment is sent to Sims E-recycling NZ Ltd for recycling.


Packaging returned to Fuji Xerox New Zealand is recycled in Auckland.


Material that is unable to be recycled in New Zealand is exported for recycling.  

Fuji Xerox New Zealand

The scheme’s progress

The scheme is in its first year of accreditation. We will share details of the scheme’s progress after we receive the first annual monitoring report in 2016.

Find out more

 For more information on the scheme see the Fuji Xerox New Zealand website.