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What the Government is doing

This section sets out Government initiatives that are helping protect and restore our waterways.

In this section

  • The Government is acting on recommendations from the Land and Water Forum to identify 'at-risk' catchments, ensure plans are in place for those catchments and take action where necessary.
  • Kahui Wai Māori is a new group being established as a forum to collaboratively develop and analyse policy options on issues of particular importance to Māori across freshwater policy.
  • There is a national target of making 90 percent of New Zealand’s large rivers and lakes swimmable by 2040, with an interim target of 80 percent swimmable by 2030.
  • Over the past decade successive Governments have been taking steps to improve how fresh water is managed in New Zealand. This includes water metering regulations in 2009, the National Policy Statement in 2011, the Freshwater National Objective Framework in 2014 and the 90 per cent of lakes and rivers swimmable by 2040 target announced in 2017.