The National Policy Statement for Freshwater Management 2014 guidance programme

This page provides information about our programme of developing guidance on the National Policy Statement for Freshwater Management 2014.

Our work programme

We are continuing to develop guidance resources based on the priorities identified by local government and stakeholders. This means the number of online guidance resource that are currently available will continue to grow and become more detailed as our guidance programme progresses.

Right now we’re working on guidance on:

  • values, attributes and freshwater objectives
  • setting limits
  • monitoring progress towards freshwater objectives
  • economic analysis.

We’re also finalising the draft guidance on managing and communicating uncertainty.

Most of our guidance has been targeted towards regional councils, although it’s available to everyone. We’ve also started looking at how we can provide guidance and support for some of the other groups involved in, and affected by, freshwater planning such as iwi and hapū, the primary sector, district and city councils, and members of communities.

Our process for developing guidance

We are collaborating with regional councils on the development of guidance. A steering group of regional council representatives is overseeing the programme. It helps us select regional council representatives for working groups which scope and develop each guidance product. The steering group and other stakeholders review each guidance product before a draft is released to the public for feedback. This feedback is considered before the final product is developed.

During the scoping phase we determine the form of the guidance (eg, whether it will be a detailed report, a short factsheet, an interactive resource or multiple resources).

Contact us

If you’d like further information about the guidance work programme or to express your interest in being involved in the development of a particular guidance product on behalf of your council, email the Freshwater Management Guidance team at