Consultation on contaminated land management guidelines

This consultation has closed.

About the consultation

The Ministry for the Environment requested submissions on proposed revisions to:

  • Contaminated Land Management Guideline No. 1: Reporting on Contaminated Sites in New Zealand
  • Contaminated Land Management Guideline No. 5: Site Investigation and Analysis of Soils.

Submissions on the proposed revisions closed on 8 March 2016 and have now been analysed.

The guidelines are incorporated by reference into the Resource Management (National Environmental Standard for Assessing and Managing Contaminants in Soil to Protect Human Health) Regulations 2011. 

The guidelines are being revised as part of our review of the National Environmental Standard for Assessing and Managing Contaminants in Soil to Protect Human Health. Find out more about the review.  

The proposed guideline revisions include:

  • changes to the information required for resource consent applications
  • clarification on the requirements for investigating and reporting on contaminated or potentially contaminated land
  • provision of flexibility for site/project specific requirements, while ensuring investigations and reports provide sufficient information for decision-makers.

Proposed revisions

We have released the draft revised guidelines for the purpose of facilitating consultation on the proposed amendments to the National Environmental Standard for Assessing and Managing Contaminants in Soil to Protect Human Health (NESCS). There may be further minor changes to the guidelines as a result of the consultation on the proposed amendments to the NESCS.

The final revised guidelines will be gazetted in early 2017. Until then, the 2011 versions of Contaminated Land Management Guideline 1 and 5 are the ‘current editions’ for NESCS purposes. We will provide for a transitional period before the new versions of the guidelines are gazetted to allow for investigations currently being undertaken.

You can view the draft revised guidelines via the following links:

You can view the original versions of the guidelines via the following links:

Find out more about the proposed amendments to the NESCS.

Publishing and releasing submissions

All or part of any written submission (including names of submitters) may be published on the Ministry for the Environment’s website Unless you clearly specify otherwise in your submission, we will consider that you have consented to website posting of both your submission and your name.

Contents of submissions may be released to the public under the Official Information Act 1982 following requests to the Ministry for the Environment (including via email). Please advise if you have any objection to the release of any information contained in a submission and, in particular, which part(s) you consider should be withheld, together with the reason(s) for withholding the information. We will take into account all such objections when responding to requests for copies of, and information on, submissions to this consultation under the Official Information Act.

The Privacy Act 1993 applies certain principles about the collection, use and disclosure of information about individuals by various agencies, including the Ministry for the Environment. It governs access by individuals to information about themselves held by agencies. Any personal information you supply to the Ministry in the course of making a submission will be used by the Ministry only in relation to the matters covered by this consultation. Please clearly indicate in your submission if you do not wish your name to be included in any summary of submissions that the Ministry may publish.