Guidance for local government on preparing for climate change

This page contains links to publications on preparing for climate change that can assist local government decision-making.

Climate change effects and impacts assessment

This guidance provides the latest projections of the expected physical impacts of climate change, both at the national level and for regions around New Zealand.

It is designed to help identify and quantify opportunities and risks that climate change poses for local authorities’ functions, responsibilities and infrastructure.

It also demonstrates how to incorporate climate risk assessment into local government regulatory, assessment and planning processes to reduce vulnerability to the impacts of climate change.

Coastal hazards and climate change

This guidance highlights the impacts that climate change is expected to have on coastal hazards.

It details the climate change impacts that are expected not only through sea-level rise but also through storm surge, wind and waves.

The publications also discuss a risk management framework in which to consider the consequences of these hazards.

Tools for estimating the effects of climate change on flood flow

This guidance details the key effects of climate change on flooding and presents methods for estimating changes in rainfall, flow rates and inundation.

It also includes some best practice case studies to illustrate these methods.

The summary publication also provides good practice information, guidance and examples to help local authorities incorporate climate change impacts into flood risk assessments.

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